Important Coronavirus(COVID-19) Update

We are currently closed for physical classes in accordance with the government' current England wide lockdown restrictions.
All PAYG Credits are safe and will be extended when we are able to return to physical class attendence once again.

Buy Credits or Inclusive Plan

We use WorldPay for processing your card payment. Greshams Ipswich do not have access to or store your card details which are transmited securely using the WorldPay payment system.

The Inclusive Plan ‘Pay Today’ amount shown below will cover the pro-rata period for the current month and will be paid using your payment card.

Upon successful payment, you will be re-directed to the relevant GoCardless Direct Debit form to set up your payment plan.

Please note: you will be charged for next month now if there are less than 4 full working days until the next Direct Debit collection date which is the 1st working day of each month.

Full Days left this month: 5

Working days until next Direct Debit: 3

All Studio Classes
Just £30.00 monthly.

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All Online Portal Classes
Just £30.00 monthly.

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All Studio AND Online Portal Classes
Just £40.00 monthly.

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All Studio AND Online Portal Classes Including Bike Hire
Just £60.00 monthly.

Pay £70 today

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Please select the number of credits you wish to purchase at £1 per credit with most classes currently being 7 credits.

PAYG Credits are valid for the equivalent of one month from the time of purchase.

Your selected credit will be shown here including any discount where applicable.

The details below are your Greshams Fitness & Leisure registered name and address. Please enter your billing address details for the payment card entered above if these are different. This will not affect your registered details.